Megs McLean

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Blown Away

What Megs brings is that feeling of country. I think people are going to be blown away when they hear Megs and “It’s My Truck”. She’s got some great pipes and really knows what she’s after.

Geoff Ott (co-owner/producer London Bridge Studios)

Young, Motivated, and Aggressive 

She’s a super strong singer at a young age but obviously is motivated about it. The band I play in “Heart” has an element of their sound that’s super aggressive so that’s part of my style is being able to hit things aggressively and find the right spots and dynamics in songs. I’m not really surprised by the aggressiveness of the tune “It’s My Truck”. It’s always fun to come out and play, come out and really play and really bring it.

Ben Smith (drummer, Heart)

Event Information

Upcoming | Archive: 2018 2017
  • Thu

    Skagit County Fair

    5:45pm Skagit County Fairgrounds