Megs McLean

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Megs McLean – Out of School – EP

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Megs McLean – Cowgirl In Me

“Cowgirl In Me” is a fun and energetic song that I wrote as more of a get up off your feet and dance cuz it’s fun to be country song. It’s something that I really relate to, and I feel that a lot of my friends really relate as well! Its toe tapping rhythms combined with hard loose grungy elements make the song really easy to envision the personality behind it. So next time you listen to it, be sure to get up and let the Cowgirl in you dance!

Megs McLean – I Want Something Bad

“I Want Something Bad” – Written as a good girl goes wild kinda song, it has all the things a bad girl needs. Rocking beats, sultry vocals, and a wicked guitar solo! This song tells the story of a good girl who always does what mama says up until now! She sees a tough guy with and jacked up truck and convinces him to take a chance on her wild side! A great song for getting lost when you’re feeling a little wild!

Megs McLean – Drink Drank Drunk

“Drink Drank Drunk” is a song about a girl that knows that her guy is up to no good. She is finally taking that step to just let go of him and go out have a girl’s night!  Just do her thing and forget about all his ignorance!  It can also be a good song for guys because I know girls do the same thing, and sometimes they just need to go out and forget too! No one deserves to be walked all over especially when they care so much! Love is 100% both ways!

Megs McLean – Don’t Speak

“Don’t speak” is a love-making song, a slower song with the pulsing beat meant to act as a heartbeat. It is a song about loving the other person no matter what and finding the beauty in the music. It shows love making in a whole new light, showing the music carrying the song with the vocals simply to tell the story and act as accents. It grows and builds just like a love and has some rock parts to symbolize hardships. So “Don’t Speak” and just listen to the Rollercoaster that is love!

Megs McLean – Believers

“Believers”- This song was written as an Anthem tune for all the hard-working and dedicated  people! As for the “Megs” sound, this song definitely sticks to it! It’s rooted in grunge with rock elements and a country voice. This song will surely have you on your feet saying “Hell yeah!” and feeling proud to be one of us!

Megs McLean – It’s My Truck

“Its My Truck”- I wrote the basic outline for “It’s My Truck” while I was babysitting after the kiddos had gone to sleep. I was on pintrest looking for ideas for my dream truck, and making a list of my favorites! Never in a million years did I think when I sang my list to remember it, that this little ditty would become the first line to “It’s My Truck”. This song is a fun upbeat song about abolishing stereotypes that girls can’t drive trucks too. So don’t act so surprised! “It’s My Truck” is balanced with solid rock elements as well as tight harmonies that really brand Megs ‘signature style.