Seattle, June 25, 2015 (Newswire) – Megs Mclean has become the first artist to have her likeness etched into the infamous vintage Neve 8048 recording console at London Bridge Studio that was built in 1973. Megs also joined notable acts such as Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Alice and Chains, Melissa Etheridge, Macklemore, Candle Box, Mother Love Bone, and other standouts as having recorded through this piece of Seattle music history.

Megs in studio experience and the infamous Neve can be seen in the documentary “Making Megs Mclean “It’s My Truck”” which can be viewed at

Megs was joined in her recording of her breakout single “It’s My Truck” by legendary Seattle drummer Ben Smith who has been the drummer for Heart for over twenty years and Blind Melon Bassist Brad Smith who’s international sensation “No Rain” was recorded through the Neve at London Bridge in 1992.

Ben Smith drummer for Megs McLean and Heart stated: “She’s a super strong singer at a young age but obviously is motivated about it. The band I play in “Heart” has an element of their sound that’s super aggressive so that’s part of my style is being able to hit things aggressively and find the right spots and dynamics in songs. I’m not really surprised by the aggressiveness of the tune “It’s My Truck”. It’s always fun to come out and play, come out and really play and really bring it. The roominess of this space, that really works well for drums so it feels great to play in this room and they do a great job of recording it here and I love to come out here.”

Geoff Ott Co-Owner London Bridge and recent Pacific NW Chapter President of the Grammys (2013-2015) commented: “From the onset London Bridge Studio was built to be an over the top recording studio. It just screams rock and roll. They brought in this beautiful vintage Neve and it’s all hand wired and it’s built with resistors and capacitors and different older technology. Nowadays you can put stuff on a computer chip but the cool thing about something like this is that since everything was made by hand every channel sounds a little bit different. So everything you run through it just kinda gets like a little magical curve put on it. I think people are going to be pretty blown away by Megs. I think what Seattle brings to country is a little bit of the grunge factor and what Megs brings is that feeling of country. We wanted to do something special for her and to memorialize the new sound that has emerged once again through this magical space so we had her face, name, and of course “It’s My Truck” etched into the center of the Neve for all who will follow.”
Megs Mclean responded by saying: “There’s no words to describe how honored I feel. There is such a rich history and sense of greatness that just hangs throughout London Bridge from the magic that has happened here over the years. To think that my face and single “It’s My Truck” is not only the first to be etched in the iconic Neve 8048 but that it has become a part of Seattle’s rich music history forever is something that I am still taking in. I encourage all who can to come tour this world renowned studio and experience the magic in person.”

About Megs McLean: Megs Mclean is a Country Music artist/Actor who has managed to blend the heart of country being a country girl and competition barrel racer from the Northwest with the no rules “play it like you feel it” Seattle style that has long been an innovator bending and morphing music for generations. Her unique style born out of influence of traditional Country artists and Grunge blends to give Country music a kick from the current generation.