Megs participated in 4H for 8 years showing her dog Shelby whom she raised and trained. She was part of “Dogs Friends and More” the club with which she showed her dog. She was awarded the “Shelby Oare” award for all he accomplishments! While in 4H Megs organized a dog food drive as well s DIY dog toys made from recycled fleece blankets that were donated later to animal shelters.
She grew up with 3 rescue dogs from Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue, all with heart breaking stories. In fect, her very own 4H dog was a free rescue dog that took her to state for 3 years in showmanship and agility!
Recently she raised awareness for Seattle’s Emerald City Pet Rescue by filming a tour that she put on YouTube.
Megs continues to raise awareness and help rescue animals every day!